Concept to Commissioning, Design to Delivery

A little history. And it starts with ARB—now Primoris Services Corporation.

Established in 1960 in Bakersfield, Calif., ARB had grown by the beginning of the 21st century to be an ENR 400-listed heavy civil construction company, with a specialty in pipelines and power projects.

In 2002, ARB—by then based in Lake Forest, Calif.—was looking to gain greater market share in the hydrocarbon processing, petrochemical production and alternative energy sectors. The strategy was to establish an engineering company that could provide crucial design, engineering, and project management expertise on complex projects.

OnQuest is that company. ARB established OnQuest as a full-service engineering company in 2002, with a core group of five furnace and process engineers who had previously worked together for more than two decades. Since then, OnQuest has become an industry leader in process engineering and applied combustion technology for clients in the energy industry—from traditional hydrocarbon processing to renewables. In 2005, OnQuest acquired Born Heaters Canada ULC, which became OnQuest Canada in 2013.

OnQuest manages projects from concept to commissioning, from design to delivery. We specialize in fixed-price design and engineering, procurement and construction management projects—what we call "lump-sum, turnkey EPC"—for small and mid-sized liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants, facilities for hydrocarbon processing—including hydrogen reforming for ammonia and methanol production, and renewable energy facilities such as bio-fuels and waste-to-energy plants.

OnQuest also designs direct-fired furnaces and related combustion technologies, including burner management systems, waste heat recovery systems, NOx reduction systems (including selective catalytic reduction) and thermal oxidizers. We are experts in revamps and retrofits of existing furnace units.

OnQuest has delivered solutions for most of the major energy producing companies, in the United States and worldwide. The company's clients include Chevron, Clean Energy, Exxon-Mobil, Conoco-Phillips, Valero Energy, and Tesoro Corp. We also have a growing presence in the market for renewable, environmentally sustainable energy production facilities. We are ISO 9001-certified in the United States and Canada.

ARB has also grown since founding OnQuest, organically and through strategic acquisitions. Renamed Primoris Services Corporation (NASDAQ: PRIM) in 2008, Primoris now ranks 35th in ENR's annual list of the largest construction companies in the U.S. Subsidiaries include ARB; Primoris Energy Corp.; Rockford Corporation, a specialist in oil and gas pipelines; James Construction Group—which provides civil and heavy/highway construction services in the southern U.S.; and Saxon Construction, a specialist in the energy sector. OnQuest collaborates with all the Primoris companies, providing engineering expertise and construction supervision.