Combustion Engineering for Energy Production

OnQuest offers a full range of engineering services—from feasibility studies and process design for small-scale LNG plants to combustion engineering for hydrocarbon processing, from mechanical and structural engineering for waste-to-energy and cogeneration plants to turnkey EPC for large-scale waste-heat recovery systems, steam reformers and ammonia and methanol production facilities.

All OnQuest's expertise grows from our strong lineage of engineering for hydrocarbon processing. Our principal designers and engineers all have decades in designing combustion technologies for refining and petrochemical clients; we can provide engineering and construction expertise to increase the capacity and improve the efficiency of direct-fired heater applications, and offer single-point responsibility for our clients.

OnQuest also provides process improvement services—along with construction supervision, commissioning, and start-up services. Revamps and retrofits are a particular expertise; we specialize in retrofitting existing heaters with both pre- and post-combustion technical solutions.

OnQuest can provide lump-sum, turnkey EPC on projects across all our service lines.