Direct-Fired Heaters

OnQuest provides performance engineering solutions and single-point management responsibility on critical furnace and heater projects. Our clients include integrated oil companies, refiners, and petrochemical and specialty chemical manufacturers, along with engineering contractors and construction firms around the world.

The design principals at the OnQuest companies have particular expertise and a wealth of practical experience in combustion technologies, including:

  • System Evaluation
  • Fired-Heater Designs
  • Coker Furnaces
  • EDC Crackers
  • Steam Reformers & Superheaters
  • Catalytic Reformers
  • Waste Heat Recovery Systems
  • CO Boilers

We have successfully performed multi-million-dollar turnkey furnace design projects for some of the largest oil companies, refiners, and petrochemical companies in the world, providing heater technology, structural engineering, and construction supervision.