Furnace Revamps, Retrofits, and Rehabilitation

Heaters in service for many years frequently require process improvements, mechanical upgrades, targeted repairs or complete replacement. Moreover, evolving standards for environmental emissions compel refining and petrochemical processing companies to continually review and improve operating performance, including by retrofitting existing combustion equipment.

Altering feed-stocks for improved efficiency can also be a driver for revamp work; rehabilitating fired-heater equipment or re-commissioning facilities that had been shut down for cost reasons is increasingly common—especially as abundant and cheap natural gas makes certain processes more economically attractive, such as for hydrogen reforming and ammonia production.

OnQuest is expert at revamping and rehabilitating furnaces to increase throughput and/or improve efficiency—often managing projects within narrow turnaround windows, completing field modifications efficiently in order to minimize down-time. Often, we can modify an existing furnace to perform as though it were new, at a fraction of the cost of a new heater, from installing ultra-low-NOx burners to replacing entire convection sections to installing air-preheaters, SCR systems and flue-gas recycling systems.

To achieve these objectives, comprehensive design, mechanical and structural engineering, and upfront project planning are vital. Technological evolution in a number of areas—from materials science and metallurgy to process to advances in mechanical design—can make such improvements increasingly worthwhile, but they have to be carefully planned to ensure the project is delivered on schedule.

OnQuest specializes in upfront planning for efficiency and scheduling. This allows us to provide lump-sum, turnkey EPC on rehabilitation projects. We also offer a comprehensive selection of furnace and combustion spare parts.