From Finned Tube Replacement to Furnace Revamps

OnQuest provides a complete range of replacement parts for furnaces—including customized part designs and modifications for specialized parts. We help a range of clients by sourcing or manufacturing parts quickly—in particular, where an unexpected part failure threatens to slow or stop facility operations. We can also offer our knowledge of complex furnace revamps, burner upgrades, convection section replacements, and engineering solutions for fire- or weather-damaged combustion equipment, and we can help improve efficiency and overall operating performance as part of a comprehensive revamp or rehabilitation.

Depending on your project scope, we can specify, source, and deliver parts for fired heaters and related systems, including custom fabrication or adaptation of specialized parts where necessary. Due to our longstanding relationships with suppliers in the industry, we can also meet extremely tight deadlines, delivering parts anywhere in the world for installation during turnarounds or for emergency repairs.

OnQuest can source parts to meet your specific requirements, using similar or upgraded materials as in your existing heaters, including the following:

Heater Replacement Parts

  • Heater coils - Full and partial assemblies (e.g.,“candy canes”, hairpins)
  • Observation doors
  • Pipe fittings, flanges and gaskets
  • Radiant and convection castings
  • Dampers (guillotine, louver, stack)
  • Tube couplings and fittings
  • Tubes (bare and finned)
  • Tube seals, sheets and supports
  • Tubeskin thermocouples

Burners and Burner Management Systems

  • Low-NOx
  • Ultra-low NOx

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