Hydrogen's Hot. And Bound to Get Hotter.

Reforming hydrogen with superheated steam is a process fundamental to a range of applications, including ammonia and fertilizer production and methane gas processing.

OnQuest's design professionals have managed hydrogen steam reforming projects including large-scale reformer rehabilitation and re-commissioning, furnace design, waste heat recovery and recycled flue gas systems, and complex piping arrangements for delivery supply to other processes.

OnQuest's engineers are expert in designing and adapting practical process plant applications that are thermally efficient—and we have a wealth of experience in retroactively reviewing and revamping steam reformers to improve efficiency. Using waste-heat recovery and flue-gas recycling, for example, often provides ample thermal energy to provide steam for an endothermic hydrogen reforming process, which in turn can increase the economic feasibility of off-shoot processes for ammonia production. Due to the gas-shift, a secondary exothermic process can recover additional hydrogen.

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