Management Team

OnQuest is proud to have some of the finest thermal transfer and combustion engineers in the world working on process design solutions. Our principals have particular expertise and a wealth of practical experience in combustion technologies, including a full range of direct-fired heater applications—from hydrogen reforming, catalytic reformers and superheaters to cokers and EDC crackers to waste-heat recovery systems and thermal oxidizers.

OnQuest's principal executives, engineers, and designers have worked as colleagues in furnace design, process plant design, and combustion technology for more than two decades. Our key engineering personnel average more than 30 years of experience specific to the design, supply, and installation of furnace equipment. For information on our key executives and personnel, please click the appropriate link below.

Randy Kessler – President & CEO
Robert J. Henry – General Manager - Calgary
Roger Newnham – Senior Vice President
Richard Fumoso – Vice President - Business Development
Rasik Patel – Vice President - Process Technology
Ed Rodriguez – Vice President - Process Operations
Chad Badry – Vice President - Business Development - Canada