Specialty Process & Furnace Engineering Firm Retained To Rebuild Unit

Los Angeles, CA (June 24, 2010) San Dimas, Calif.-based OnQuest, Inc., a leader in furnace and process technologies for the petrochemical industry, has been contracted to rebuild the hot oil heater at by Irvine, Calif.-based Evergreen Oil, Inc.'s re-refining and hazardous waste processing facility in Newark, Calif.

OnQuest's mandate for the rehabilitation includes a complete rebuild of the heater radiant section, retubing radiant and convection sections, replacing refractory, and installing a new burner management system (BMS). The BMS will be designed and fabricated by OnQuest's Calgary office.

Evergreen's Newark refinery is currently operating at reduced capacity. OnQuest plans to have the unit repaired and re-installed by the end of July—an expedited timeframe for project delivery that is one of OnQuest's specialties.

Evergreen's hot oil heater unit was damaged prior to Memorial Day. OnQuest responded with immediate site visits and specialized consulting services during the holiday weekend, including supplying cost estimates for emergency repairs or full replacement.

Evergreen Oil, Inc. is one of the largest waste oil collectors in California, and the only oil re-refining operation in the western United States. The company is also a major provider of hazardous waste and environmental services.