From Ag to the Atmosphere: Ammonia Production

Ammonia is essential to boosting crop yields and thus fuels agriculture worldwide. The production of anhydrous ammonia for fertilizer now accounts for four-fifths of worldwide production. At the same time, both ammonia and urea can be used to remove nitrous oxides from effluent gases through selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

The lowered cost of hydrocarbon feed-stocks in the U.S. and worldwide—specifically, due to increased supply of natural gas—has prompted a reconsideration of economic opportunities for increased ammonia production in various geographies. OnQuest's engineers have worked extensively to deliver turnkey solutions for ammonia production at process plants, specifically using variations of the Haber-Bosch process in the ammonia synthesis loop; as a corollary output from ammonia and carbon dioxide production at hydrocarbon processing plants, urea can also be produced using the Bosch-Meiser process.

OnQuest has developed a specialty in revamping and rehabilitating previously shut-down ammonia plants, expanding capacity and/or restoring them to full operation. We also provide engineering, procurement and construction supervision on SCR systems for NOx reduction.

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