Steam Reforming. Fundamental for a Range of Needs.

As a feed-stock, hydrogen is essential for a range of processes, including the production of ammonia and methanol.

Steam reforming has long been recognized as the most cost-effective way to produce hydrogen, from natural gas or syngas. OnQuest's process engineers specialize in small to mid-sized hydrocarbon process plants for a range of applications, where steam reforming is often either a necessity or a desirable "over-the-fence" output from such processing.

OnQuest's engineers are expert in designing and adapting practical process plant applications that are thermally efficient—and we have a wealth of experience in retroactively reviewing and revamping steam reformers to improve efficiency. Using waste-heat recovery and flue-gas recycling, for example, often provides ample thermal energy to provide steam for an endothermic hydrogen reforming process, which in turn can increase the economic feasibility of off-shoot processes for ammonia production. Due to the gas-shift, a secondary exothermic process can recover additional hydrogen.

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