Clean Energy | LNG Plant | Boron, Calif.


OnQuest, Inc., along with sister company, ENR 400 construction firm ARB Inc., was retained by Clean Energy to design and build a completely new natural gas liquefaction and distribution facility in Boron, California.


  • Design and construction of a natural gas liquefaction and distribution facility with initial throughput of approximately 60 million gallons of LNG annually
  • Installation of two natural gas liquefaction trains, each with a capacity of 80,000 gallons per day
  • Providing in the design for additional space, installed utilities, and infrastructure for a future third liquefaction train of an additional 80,000 gallons per day
  • Construction permitting and management of equipment supply and materials
  • Engineering and design of:
    • Feed gas supply and return gas metering
    • CO2 removal
    • Water removal
    • LNG liquefaction and storage
    • LNG pumping
    • LNG trailer loading and unloading
    • LNG dispensers for truck fueling
    • Boil-off and flash gas recovery
    • Heavy ends recovery
    • Sulfur removal
    • Emergency waste gas flare
    • Cooling water system
    • Instrument air system
    • Nitrogen supply and distribution
    • Power supply and distribution
    • Distributed control system
    • Emergency shutdown system
    • Firewater system
    • Fire detection and prevention system