Tesoro | Kapolei Refinery | Honolulu, Hawaii


Tesoro, a Fortune 150 company based in San Antonio, Texas, is an independent refiner and marketer of petrochemical products with seven major refining facilities in the western U.S. In the wake of an earthquake that caused an island-wide power outage, Tesoro asked OnQuest to inspect and repair the hydrogen reformer at its Kapolei Refinery.


OnQuest's scope for the work included:

  • Emergency reviews of the facility and its capacities, including review of construction facility drawings and extensive on-site inspections
  • Deadline-driven design of the unit's hanger supports, reformer-tube assemblies, and headers, along with its burner piping and pigtails
  • Emergency construction, supply, and management of materials


OnQuest responded quickly, in line with our client's request for expedited review, design engineering, and construction. Highlights included:

  • Expedited supply of repair parts with long lead-times, sourcing parts and assemblies from suppliers as far away as South Africa
  • Arranging for loading, inspecting and air-freighting the HP-50 modified reformer tube assemblies to the site
  • Performed project for a fixed price in 8 weeks with no reportable incidents, first-aid calls, or lost-time incidents, in a period greater than 10,000 man-hours
  • Non-stop construction schedule, with work suspended only on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

We took the heaters off-line one at a time to install the new design. Over an eight-week period, both ends of all six heaters were repaired, with the last three taking only five shifts each to complete.